Zmorph Laser module


Zmorph Laser toolhead equipped with 2W blue laser diode is able to cut in plastic sheet up to 1,2mm, paper, cardboard, stick foil, thin fabrics and engrave in plywood, wood, leather material.

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Product Description

Zmorph Laser module

Zmorph Laser module
Product Description
Laser toolhead is an add-on that empowers ZMorph personal fabricator with 2W blue laser diode, with necessary electronics.
Laser toolhead is a device being able to cut and engrave various materials. With its 2W of power, it cuts acrylic 2mm, paper, thin wood sheets, leather and others.
Working with laser was never that easy – just import DXF geometry to Voxelizer, generate toolpath, and click PLAY.
To start, simply plug both plugs to left and right extruder sockets, prepare your 2d file, and start cutting or engraving!
Construction : High quality laser cut 3mm aluminium
Motor : Nema 17 stepper
Default work speed : 5mm/s
Work area : 250mm x 235mm x 165mm
Recommended cutting resolution : 0.1mm
Supported cutting resoltion : 0.025 – 0.2mm depends on material hardness


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