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Who Really Uses 3D Printing and Why

We’re checking which industries, professionals, and who really uses 3D printing.Many modern professionals take advantage of using 3D printing on a permanent basis. The technology is constantly evolving, together with the number of industries in which 3D printing is used. So, let’s explore how the applicability of this technology has expanded in certain professions by today and try to answer the question about who really uses 3D printing today. List of professions that really uses 3D printing is very long Product [...]


Korean Architect Designs 3D Printed Trees for Art Installation

Korean architect Se Yoon Park is creating 3D printed trees for a beautiful art installation called ‘Light, Darkness and the Tree.’Thanks to 3D printing, Park creates stunning artwork that explores transitions between light and darkness. He uses his understanding and experience with this technology as an essential architectural tool for 3D printed tree art. It all started when Se Yoon Park moved to New York in 2006 to do his Master’s degree in Architecture at Columbia University. After graduation, he worked [...]