Korean Architect Designs 3D Printed Trees for Art Installation

Korean Architect Designs 3D Printed Trees for Art Installation

Korean architect Se Yoon Park is creating 3D printed trees for a beautiful art installation called ‘Light, Darkness and the Tree.’

Thanks to 3D printing, Park creates stunning artwork that explores transitions between light and darkness. He uses his understanding and experience with this technology as an essential architectural tool for 3D printed tree art.

It all started when Se Yoon Park moved to New York in 2006 to do his Master’s degree in Architecture at Columbia University.

After graduation, he worked for a multitude of architecture firms. However, he found that he was removed from the final product and wanted to work his own art installation from start to finish.

Park’s artistic project includes various 3D printed sculptures which mimic the organic structure of trees. They also consist of many small geometric elements, creating some impressive architectural artwork.

Se Yoon Park explains the benefits of additive manufacturing. He says:

“Compared to traditional casting methods, 3D printing has the benefit of being more accurate, free from shrinking issues, and multiple design materials.”

Watch the video below to learn more about his stunning creations:

Light, Darkness and 3D Printed Trees

Se Yoon Park experiments with shadows and light, focusing on how they interact with the environment. He believes the dynamic between light and dark is a metaphor for the ebb and flow of life. His aim is to capture this essence with his sculptures.

His pieces have been on display at his gallery in Red Hook, Brooklyn since September. However, they are the products of three years of work. The finished sculptures are assembled from multiple 3D printed components.

Se Yoon Park began making his prototypes with PLA and ABS plastic. However, he soon switched to Polyamide which offers a strength, lightness and porosity which works well for the trees.

He was also able to dye these pieces and play with the translucency of the Polyamide material. In addition, the trees have electrical lights incorporated into them to create a beautiful, soft glow.

Se Yoon Park says that he chose 3D printing deliberately because of the relationship between CAD software and tangible objects is one which interests him. For designing the trees, he uses pen and paper, handmade models, and 3D models in Rhino. He says:

“While I work with traditional casting and fabrication methods, I am thankful for the contributions 3D printing has made to my design and process, and believe the combination of these methods is the way forward.”

Want to find out more about Se Yoon Park’s installation? Check out his website here.

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