Thick Paste Extruder compatibil cu ZMorph


ZMorph Thick Paste Extruder enables 2D printing and simple volumetric 3D printing of dense masses like silicone, porcelain, ceramics and even food paste like cake or chocolate. Replace printing materials easily thanks to smart exchangeable standard-size syringes system. Use dedicated workflow in Voxelizer Software for easy model editing and printing.

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Ajunge la tine in 15 - 29 aprilie, 2024 Contacteaza-ne
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Thick Paste Extruder compatible with ZMorph interchangeable toolheads system



    • Enables extrusion of medium or high density paste like silicone, porcelain and ceramics;
    • Enables easy printing of chocolate icing or sugar mass decoration;
    • Easily exchangeable 100ml syringes for hygienic, clean and quick material replacement;
    • Printing speed depends on density and thickness of the paste and ranges from 10mm up to 100mm per second.
    • Mass is extruded by piston at high pressure and is controlled by 2 mm diameter exchangeable nozzle;
    • ZMorph Thick Paste Extruder toolhead is compatible with standard ZMorph interchangeable X-axis mounting system and can be easily swapped with any other toolhead in less than 1 minute;
    • Work area: 250 mm x 230 mm x 50 mm


  • Construction : High quality cut 3mm aluminium frame
  • Nozzle : 2mm / 4mm
  • Motor : Nema 17 stepper
  • Default work speed : 10mm/s (depends on material)
  • Extrusion: Direct Drive
  • Work Area L x W x H (mm) : 250 x 235 x 165 (without chamber covers)
  • Recommended Printing
  • Resolution : 2mm layer height
  • Material capacity : 100ml


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